Remembering 9/11 – Peter A. Gay

11 09 2009

This blog entry is part of the Project 2996 initiative to remember the victims of September 11th.  It will be a placeholder until a fitting tribute page can be assembled.

September 11, 2001 changed the lives of countless people in the U.S. and around the world. That beautiful sunny Tuesday started out normal for most of us. We drove to work admiring the cloudless fall day in the northeast and went about our business. The same holds true for all the innocent people boarding the jets in Boston and Virginia that would ultimately be taking over by homicidal radicals and used as missiles against symbols of our nation’s economy, military, and government. Thousands of innocent lives were lost that day and today we pay tribute to each of them and assure they will never be forgotten.

Peter A. Gay was 54 years old on that fateful day. He was married and the father of two sons and a daughter. He was also a brother, son, son-in-law, brother-in-law, friend, colleague and leader. Besides being a wonderful family man, Peter loved to run, fish, boat, and was a well respected and admired leader at a major defense contractor where he worked from the time he got out of college.

There are several tributes for Peter that were already done, so I’ll ask that you visit the links below to see what a great man Peter was:

9/11 Victim Honored by Hometown

Remembering 9/11 – that horrific day




3 responses

11 09 2009

Thanks so much for taking the time to remember Peter.

I have honored Lorraine Antigua at:

11 09 2009

God bless you and the United States of America.
Thank you for this

11 09 2009

Thanks for remembering.

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